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Bathing Beauty Matches
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In the 1920's, it was very common to have Beauty Parades on beaches in California and Texas. This photo of Bathing Beauties was taken at Balboa Beach, California in 1925. Enjoy this little slice of history in your home with our box of matches! If you look closely, you can see the photo above is the same group of ladies, but taken shorty after the other, by the placement of the womens' shadows!

These designer match boxes are reusable, and each comes with 50 matches tipped in a custom color to coordinate with the box’s design. Place these decorative matches on a stack of books or a coffee table or next to a favorite candle or lantern to enhance and accent home decorating schemes. Perfect as thoughtful, stylish hostess gifts or in gift baskets, these decorator matches are also a perfect accompaniment for the gift of a candle.Our decorative safety matches are long, so lighting candles as they burn down is a breeze.

Materials: Cardboard match box, matches

  • Reusable box, custom color tipped matches
  • Long matches for easy lighting
  • Matchbox size 4.5" x 2.5" x 0.75"