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Modern Mint Hand-Poured Candle in Blue Cobalt Jar
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Striking mouth blown cobalt blue glass candle with a single wick. Hand filled with naturally fragranced soy wax, the room filling fragrance top notes are sweet mint, spearmint and green tea. 85 hours of soothing candlelight and aroma.

Candle Burning 101:  The first lighting determines how efficiciently any candle burns for the remainder of the consecutive times lit.  It is imperative the pool of welted max reach the edge of the container prior to extinguishing or else the candle will burn through at only the size of the wax pool created when you first blow it out.  Consistently burning your candle each time lit will result in the use of almost all of the wax.  Aproximately 3 hours per session is a good guide line.  Keep out of breeze.  Extinguish with lid versus blowing out.

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Materials: Hand blown glass, soy wax

Fragrance: Sweet Mint, spearmint, and green tea notes

  • 21.5 oz soy wax
  • 85 hours burn time
  • Hand blown and hand poured

sizing description:

Approximately 4" w x 5" t