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Lavender Cupcake Bath Bomb


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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: packaging detail

 These lovely moisturizing cupcake bathbombs are a real delight for your skin.
Our locally made, all natural bath treats have the power to calm, relax, invigorate and detoxify.
Simply remove the cupcake paper and toss the whole thing in the tub under warm running water.
It will immediately fizz and bubble, and awaken your senses while softening the water. All cupcake bath bombs are situated in a beautiful ribbon tied box with a cello reveal...perfect for gift giving! 

Ingredients: All natural blend of epsom salts and pure essential oil

  • Fragrance- Lavender
  • Good for one relaxing bath! 
  • Do not eat!
  • Pearls and glitter desolve completely
  • Made in North Carolina