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Relax Bubble Bath in Wine Bottle



Picture this:   Tiny, luxurious bubbles chatter in the tub as Avocado and Olive Fruit Oil tickle the nose. Rich Vitamin E silkens skin.  So good, right?!!!
"Relax" - its virtually impossible not to with this alluring fragrance for evening.

 Oprah's Favorite Things 2004
The "O" List: All Time Favorite Things 2011

White Orchid, Tahitian Vanilla, Bee Blossom Honey, and Indian Amber are blended with moisturizing Olive Fruit & Avocado Oils and Vitamin E. A luxuriously rich and beautifully perfumed bubble bath formulated for lots of fragrant bubbles.

Packaged in an elegant wine bottle, with flower corsage, satin sash and cut glass crystal, a cork seals 25 ozs of product.  Your will need a cork screw to open the bottle for the first time.

 If you like this fragrance, you can round out your collection with  our Relax Hand Creme and Relax Perfume.

  • 3" d x 12.5" h
  • 25 ozs.
  • Approximately 15-19 baths depending on your love of bubbles!