Our Story

Founded on the belief we should make the most of the comforts of home, Porter & Prince has long been Western North Carolina’s favorite destination for the best in tucking yourself in and drifting off to dreamland. The location we call ‘home’ is located only blocks from the Vanderbilt estate known as ‘Biltmore’, serving originally as the post office, once built in 1895.

From our cozy cottage, we’ve had the privilege of helping create treasured spaces for the families who sleep in them since 1996. As a haven for all things restful and serene, we invite you to explore the softest things to dream in, fluffy feather beds, hand-finished linens and the most soothing bath rituals, all ready to be curated just for you by our second-to-none Comfort Specialists. Let us gather and expertly guide you in choosing the best ways to surround yourself with the simplest delights for unwinding from the day, restoring sleep and soothing away stress.

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