Our Philosophy

We feel personal style is equal parts optimism, instinct, reflection and courage.

Our Philosophy

The Porter & Prince philosophy centers around providing comfort for everyone.

Our team believes that our chief mission is to make the world a more serene place to live.

Moreover, we believe happy people sleep in cozy beds.

However, we also believe in being a little unpredictable; encouraging you to trust your own instincts and personal style.

It is more important to to feel special than be practical.

We believe you should daydream about being in your pajamas.

Know that we are non-traditionally traditional; supporting and showing the spirit of where you call “home.”

We believe in looking back to preserve the things we cherish. We bring these things we hold dear to our present, and on through the future.

By all means, we think you should make it up as you go!

Indeed, we are timeless.

This team believes in providing great service, quality and value.

Also, we believe in buying and providing great gifts.

Furthermore, here at Porter & Prince we value our customers.

To clarify, we believe in “we”- not “I.”

Above all, we love our community. Truly, we love what we do.

Where is your sense of tranquility?

Our Porter & Prince team invites you to let us help you start living well.

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