Your Home, Our Finesse

Whether your project is new construction, a renovation or a room in need of a refresh, Porter & Prince can guide you in creating a fully realized space that you will love living in. Every space, every detail, every step of the process will be carefully and thoughtfully managed. We would love to work with you to create a home that truly reflects who you are.

What We Offer

• Design selections from blueprint phase to move-in ready

• Collaboration with your architect, builder, contractors

• Guidance for DIY-ers to help avoid costly mistakes

• Sourcing of custom furnishings, textiles, lighting & accessories

• Network of skilled local artisans & craftspeople

• Help in putting your dreams & visions into reality


This service best suits someone who has design ideas for their space plus the time to implement them but wants to avoid costly mistakes by seeking professional input. After a complimentary discovery call to get to know you and better understand your project, a Consultation (design coaching) in-home session lasting up to 2 hours can bearranged for a flat fee. We will provide advice and answer your design questions so you can confidently execute your design on your own.

Home Furnishings

For a design primarily focused on furniture and finishing touches for your space, working with us will allow youaccess to countless unique resources. After collaborating with you on the layout plan, sourcing custom pieces andstyling every detail to transform your space, you will enjoy a finished room that reflects you.

For Renovations or New Builds

Collaborating with both you and your builder/contractor, we can provide selections of flooring, paint colors, cabinetry, countertops, lighting, hardware, plumbing fittings, finishes for whole home or partial renovations.

For Full Scale Design

Design from top to bottom, whether a renovation, new build or revamp of an existing space can be provided, with decorating and styling done once the space is complete. We can manage all aspects of design, working with builders, contractors and other trade professionals while advocating for your vision.


What types of projects do you work on?

Whether a small refresh on a budget or designing a full scale renovation or new build, we welcome projects of all scales.

What is your style?

From eclectic to modern to traditional as well as every other in between, our goal is to make your space areflection of your unique style. We adapt and embrace a variety of styles and will strive to make sure our visionsfor your space are aligned before we begin with your project.

How does the process work?

Getting to know your unique taste and particular needs will go far in making sure you’ll love the final result. We treat each project distinctly. For further details, please see our design process on the homepage.

Would you work along with my contractor/builder?

Working as a liaison between you, your contractor, builder and other trade professionals is often critically important to the success of your project. We can be involved from the start of the process with making selections, recommendations and providing guidance throughout your renovation or new build.

What if I would like to use my existing furniture or have only a small budget?

Small adjustments can often make a big impact. We will keep what is important to you in making your space feel the most inviting. Once we understand the needs of your project and get to know your taste, we will be able to provide an estimate to make sure we’re on the same page with no surprises.

How long will the final result take?

We’ll do our best to move within your timeline and budget. Depending on customization and availability, we can pull together a room quickly and navigate lead time, shipping-sweating all the details so you won’t have to worry. Certain customized items can carry from 3- 6 months lead time generally. Once the scope and phases of your project are known

How can I contact you?

Looking forward to connecting with you! Please feel free to email, call or reach out through our contact form.

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